OPD: Suspect Handcuffed, Searched Before Ambulance Shooting

Jake Wasikowski

OPD: Suspect Handcuffed, Searched Before Ambulance Shooting

CREATED Jul. 3, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Police detail the actions leading up to a shooting that sent a paramedic and the ambulance patient to the hospital on Monday afternoon. 

The Omaha Police Department says that at around 2:30pm Monday, the suspect who allegedly stole a vehicle was located at the Dollar General at 48th & L St.  Officers arrived on scene and placed the suspect, later identified by OPD as Jessica DuBois, under arrest.  She was put in handcuffs, searched, and placed in the back of a police cruiser before she started convulsing and appeared to be non-responsive. 

A medic unit arrived a short time later, and DuBois was uncuffed.  Police say that DuBois asked to be transported to the hospital and understood that going to the hospital didn't negate the fact that she was under arrest.

While in the ambulance heading to the hospital, DuBois allegedly pulled out a gun.  Police say there was a struggle over the gun and two shots were fired.  The paramedic was injured, and DuBois was struck in the leg.  The paramedic was released from the hospital on Monday night. 

Police are investigating how the woman was allowed to enter the ambulance with a gun.  DuBois was on the Sarpy County Sheriff's Office most wanted list.