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An Arsenal of Weapons and Illegal Drugs Seized from Omaha Home

An Arsenal of Weapons and Illegal Drugs Seized from Omaha Home

By Emily Szink. CREATED Jun 28, 2013

A suspicious package all the way from Nanjing, China led police to more than just the 7.5 pounds of illegal GBL they were looking to seize.  They also found an arsenal of weapons and other illegal drugs in 34-year-old Lee Cary’s home.  

On June 18th a package showed up on Lee Cary’s doorstep, but waiting behind the delivery, a SWAT team.  According to a search warrant, Customs and Border Patrol x-rayed the package a week earlier as it made its way across the world. 
Authorities say it was filled with more than 7.5 pounds of GBL also known as “Coma in a bottle.” 
“It makes you unresponsive and not really aware of your surroundings,” said a doctor with the Poison Control Center of Nebraska, Dr. Ronald Kirschner.   
Nebraska State Patrol issued a search warrant at Lee Cary’s home, what they found next could almost be described as an underground crime ring.  Twenty-six firearms including a loaded handgun between Cary’s mattress and box spring and 109 vials of unknown liquids and powders...
Officers say Cary knew the cop's visit was coming, so he tried to hide the drugs under his mother's bed.  Court documents say Cary admitted to using GBL for more than a decade.  He said he's gotten between four and six packages of GBL over the last year. 
KMTV Reporter Emily Szink asked neighbors about Cary, they didn’t want to go on camera, but they told her the Cary’s have lived in their same home for more than three decades, and they aren’t surprised by this arrest.