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Bulldog Fans Flood Omaha

Bulldog Fans Flood Omaha

By Emily Szink. CREATED Jun 25, 2013

It’s do or die for the Mississippi State bulldogs.  UCLA won game one, but if the majority of fans had their say, the bulldogs will bite back.

The bulldog fans from Starkville, Mississippi have flocked to Omaha and have made it their home for the past two weeks hoping to see their beloved bulldogs potentially make history.  “I have had more fun than I have ever had at a sporting event in my life,” said MSU fan Georgia Bryant.  
Fans flocked from the magnolia state in a mass.  More than 8,000 MSU fans are estimated to be in Omaha.  “I am floored by it, I really am. I know people say LSU brings the most fans, but I’ve never seen anything like this,” said the Owner of Dugout Hats, Cari Tokheim.  
But the large turnout doesn’t surprise the bulldog faithful.  “State travels pretty well, and this is baseball, this is Mississippi State, this is what it’s all about,” said MSU fan Tom Bryant.  
The bulldogs are hundreds of miles from home, and there are remnants of Starkville around every corner.  Through word of mouth and rave reviews, fans have flocked to Big Mama’s Kitchen for a taste of home. ”Really good...delicious...I feel right at home. So, it's just great,” said MSU fan Paul Reed.  
Also, reminding fans of home is a special four-legged friend who wanders around the Dugout Hat Shop while her owners cater to hundreds of bulldog fans.  “Oh they love it; she has been called Bully more times than I can count.  I take her over to the statue and lines form for people to take their picture with her,” said Dugout Hat’s Owner Cari Tokheim.  
The UCLA fans are hard to come by in Omaha, but those who are here, hope to hold their own.
“The SEC fans always come out in big numbers, but it's a nice thing to have all those fans.  But, we do have a group of 200 to 300 hundred loyal fans, so we are going to try to battle with them on that side as well,” said Rodger Moore the father of a UCLA player.