A Dream Come True for an OSU Baseball Fan

Emily Szink

A Dream Come True for an OSU Baseball Fan

CREATED Jun. 21, 2013

The Oregon State Beavers are packing up and heading home after losing to Mississippi State this afternoon.  But, throughout their journey to the CWS they have had one very strong fan behind them, a 20 year old woman who was in the hospital recently and the dugout today. 

Rebecca fell in love with the beavers when they were at the CWS back in 2005.  She admits she first started cheering for them because orange was her favorite color, but she quickly fell in love with their style of play.  Now she has a whole new reason to be a fan.
“This is literally my dream come true.  I’ve been following Oregon since they first got here in 2005 and every year I’m like come on OSU you gotta be back here and then this year was their year,” said OSU Super-fan Rebecca Gunderson.   
Roles reversed today and the team focused on Rebecca Gunderson.  Rebecca has Type I diabetes, causing her to have a weakened immune system.  A recent infection landed her in Children's Hospital.  Little did this OSU fan know, while she was admitted, the Oregon State baseball team lead by Coach Casey was planning a visit.  
“We have children who are excited about us.  In particular our players who are 100% healthy planning in the CWS coming and seeing them.  So, I was just hoping our players would be inspired,” said Oregon State Baseball coach Pat Casey.  
Rebecca left a lasting impression on Coach Casey so he invited her to the dugout to hang out before today's game. Beaver’s pitcher Taylor Starr thought her presence in the dugout would amp the team up before the big game.
“She brings a lot of energy. She puts smiles on everyone’s face and I think it's pretty cool,” said OSU pitcher Taylor Starr.  
Rebecca never dreamt this once in a lifetime opportunity would happen.  She says it's something she'll never forget.  Especially because of this special gift from Coach Casey, his good luck bracelet.  
“And then the coach came back into my room and I saw him take it off.  And he put it on my wrist and I was just at a loss for words and it just meant so much for me,” said Gunderson.