South Omaha Community Heartbroken & on Edge

Meghan Matthews

South Omaha Community Heartbroken & on Edge

CREATED Jun. 17, 2013

Omaha, NE -  "This is scary, for this area, especially, especially in the middle of the day."

It isn't something you can be prepared for. A random shooting spree, in a place many feel safest.

"You just never expect it here, it's just mind blowing that it happened."

Just two days after a man's shooting rampage killed two young men, neighbors living in the area of 34th and F are frightened.

"We heard the pops inside, we really didn't know what it was until we came out and seen the guy laying there."
Corey Schwalm lives just feet away from the third shooting scene at 33rd and E. He heard screams and saw 25 year old Pascaul Bautista-Raymundo lying dead in an alley.
"I don't know, I was shaking. You're kinda in panic mode I didn't know what's going on I didn't know what to think."
Only that it could have been him.
"He coulda walked right in our garage and, shot whoever was in here."
Schwalm says he saw Raymundo outside washing his car, 20 minutes before the shooting.
"It's a lot of hard working, people that just want to work hard, make a good living for their children and have a safe place for them to live."
For the last 30 years Diane Christensen has waved to her neighbors and watched kids play in the streets. She says the senseless violence has the entire neighborhood on edge.
"It's sad that you know, cause you don't know who's gonna come to your back door or backyard."