Fans Continue to Flock to the CWS

Emily Szink

Fans Continue to Flock to the CWS

CREATED Jun. 12, 2013

OMAHA - As the teams and fans roll in, the national eye will once again be on Omaha. 

The eight millionth fan attended the College World Series last year and every year more and more fans come.  Players don’t say they’re going to a National Championship, they say they’re headed to Omaha. 

This is the 64th consecutive year for the CWS in Omaha.  ESPN started broadcasting the games years ago and that helped put the national spotlight on Omaha.

But, fans come from all over to see the upsets, the Cinderella stories and of course, to see two straight weeks of college baseball. 

"I think the ambiance or the experience that one has here has been a factor on the increasing attendance.  People like this place.  I know I'm stealing a line from Disneyworld, but at this time of the year this maybe the happiest place on earth,” said Dennis Poppe VP of Football and Baseball. 

Dennis Poppe has been overseeing the games for 26 years.  In his time, attendance has doubled. This is his last year, but he assured the public the CWS is in good hands with his successor Damani Leech.