It's College World Series Time, Will Shops Bank Or Bust Off Your Wallet?

Rebekah Rae

It's College World Series Time, Will Shops Bank Or Bust Off Your Wallet?

CREATED Jun. 11, 2013

Omaha NE - Downtown Omaha will soon be flooded with College World Series fans who are ready to spend money and downtown businesses hope to hit a home run.  With so many temporary shops set up we wanted to know who to trust.  

The good news is most of the vendors are legit.  Even if a venue is only downtown temporarily, they'll likely have a store somewhere in Omaha.  
Lawlor's sportswear is renting an office space across the street from the TD Ameritrade stadium.  This is new for their business but they're hoping the temporary shop increases sales unlike any other time during the year.  
Most of the CWS gear will be the same no matter which souvenir stand consumers buy from.  The CWS T-shirts and caps are all made by the same few companies so prices should not vary.  
Lawlor's says be weary of unlicensed vendors selling extremely low or high priced items because the CWS gear could be fake.
We also looked into the hotel situation.  Most hotels downtown are already booked for the full two weeks, but as teams leave some rooms will open up.  The price will still be higher than normal through the end of the series.  Rooms downtown may range anywhere from $250 to $400 a night.
Farther west, hotels will likely have cheaper rooms and specials to get consumers through the doors.
If you still want to book a hotel room, check for cancellations often.  Some rooms may be available for a day or two but likely not an entire week.