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Burnside Family Talking About Brother's Recovery

Burnside Family Talking About Brother's Recovery

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED Jun 6, 2013

Omaha, NE -- On Monday, Jackson Blick, Trey Hansen and Tyler Walling were killed in a car accident in Fremont. 

The only survivor of that crash is improving.
Jake Burnside has been in a medically induced coma, but his family hopes he will start to wake up.
As the oldest of the three children, Cassie Burnside knows how to be the strong one.
"I'm really trying to stay stable with my whole family and everything," said Cassie. 
It's a position she found herself in Monday night after her 16-year-old brother Jake was in a car crash that killed three of his friends.
Ever since, Cassie and her family have been at the hospital waiting for Jake to wake up.
"Even though Jake doesn't know some people are her, just to be here and be at the hospital in support, not just of Jake, but everyone," said Cassie. 
Jake suffered a spinal cord injury in the crash, and doctors operated on his vertebra Wednesday.
They placed him in a coma. On Thursday, they took him off the medication.
Now, his family waits. 
"We just have to look toward the positive and know that something good is going to come out of this," said Cassie. "It's hard when there is so much loss going on, but if you can just try to focus on the positive, you can get through it."
The Burnsides said the families of the three teens who died are in their thoughts and prayers.
They also said everyone can learn something from this accident.
"It's definitely made me cherish that I do have siblings and parents," said Cassie. "(I've) really learned to appreciate them because in the past, I don't know if I have appreciated them as I should have."