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Burnside Family Waiting For Their Son To Wake Up

Burnside Family Waiting For Their Son To Wake Up

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED Jun 6, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Jake Burnside's family said they're optimistic about his recovery after a deadly car accident Monday night.

Jackson Blick, Tyler Walling and Trey Hansen all died in the accident on Old Highway 8 in Fremont.
Carter Burnside, the father of the lone survivor, said all four families have a tough road ahead.
Jake had surgery Wednesday. On Thursday, he was brought out of a medically induced coma.
His family is waiting for him to wake up.
"It's just a matter of time, patience (and) support," said Carter. "We're just there for him."
Carter said the four boys were inseparable.
"They did everything together," he said. "We were going through pictures last night of all the activities they've done. From little kids, all the little dumb stupid stuff kids do together, to the teenager things we all know."
It's a bond that even in death, cannot be broken.
"My son is getting better, but my thoughts, last night, the no-sleep night, were with the families," said Carter. "I feel for them. I absolutely feel for them."
Jake suffered a spinal cord injury in the crash, and doctors operated on his vertebra Wednesday. They placed him in a coma.
Carter said based on CAT scans, his brain activity is good.
"They've taken all the medication away," he said. "It's just a major waiting game right now."
While all four families begin healing process, Carter said there is a lesson in this tragedy for every parent.
"I guess the one thing I can leave is; what is the last thing you said to your children? Carter said. "Did you tell them you love them or to take out the trash? Remember that. That's how I leave it."