Former Regent Hassebrook Running for Governor

Jake Wasikowski

Former Regent Hassebrook Running for Governor

CREATED Jun. 4, 2013

Another candidate for governor threw his name into the hat Tuesday.  Former University of Nebraska Regent Chuck Hassebrook made the announcement from his hometown of Lyons, NE.

The Democrat was a University of Nebraska Regent for 18 years and has worked for the Center for Rural Affairs for more than 3 decades.  Hassebrook says he has 3 priority strategies.  First he wants to give every Nebraskan the opportunity for education to succeed, specifically by expanding early childhood education.  Second, Hassebrook wants to create jobs, wealth, and opportunity.  One way is through more wind energy.

"We must invest in creating the future where every Nebraskan has the opportunity to participate in our state's prosperity and every community has a chance to thrive," Hassebrook explained.

Finally, he wants to lend support of state government to small businesses through loosening regulations, and providing incentives.  Hassebrook has worked with the Center for Rural Affairs for 36 years helping more than 10,000 small businesses.  He says he wants to expand on that.

“I'm going to put a priority on supporting the small businesses, the family farms and ranches, the family enterprises that have long been the backbone of Nebraska’s rural economy and have contributed mightily to the metropolitan economy as well,” Hassebrook described.

In 2012, Hassebrook ran for senate but dropped out when former Governor Bob Kerrey entered the race.  He says he’s taking a different approach this time around.

"I don't care who runs, I'm in and I'm staying in," Hassebrook concluded.

Hassebrook and Republican State Senator Charlie Janssen are the only candidates that have officially announced that they are running for governor so far.  The primary election for Governor will be held on May 13th, 2014.