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Creighton Dorm Hall Catches Fire

Meghan Matthews

Creighton Dorm Hall Catches Fire

CREATED Jun. 3, 2013

 Omaha, NE - Creighton's peaceful college campus didn't stay quiet for long.

Fire engines, firefighters and a crowd of construction workers and students surrounded the freshman dorm Deglman Hall.

"It is a little scary."

Smoke and flames shot out of a window on the fourth floor. Inside, construction workers had been renovating the building. They say they could see and smell the smoke.

"Actually I was thinking when I seen the rescue squad and fire engine I thought maybe a person or something got hurt over here or something then I seen them all converge over here where we're working. There was actually smoke coming out of the window."
Luckily no one was on the fourth floor and everyone got out safely. Students walking by say the situation is scary and they've never seen anything like it before.
"My dorm room now is a little more new, it's a little more up to date so I'm not really concerned with those kind of hazards but it is something to be aware of."