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A Rising River Could Lead To Another Flood

A Rising River Could Lead To Another Flood

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED May 29, 2013

 Nebraska - The Missouri river is rising.  Parts of the metro are under a flood warning, and the last thing they need is more rain.  Mid-week, many metro cities are taking precaution to avoid water damage, again. 

It's been almost two years to the date when the 2011 floods destroyed River's Edge Park.  That led to a historic flood and many cities are still cleaning up.
 With the recent thunderstorms, Council Bluffs is watching the water rise again.  In one day the Missouri river rose six feet and Council Bluffs has closed all its flood gates.
"We're hoping not to see a flood in the scale we saw in 2011, let's hope that doesn't happen," says Council Bluffs public works operations supervisor Pat Miller.  He says since the flood gates are closed, the city will have to watch for street flooding from the sewers.  
In Bellevue, the river is creeping up and slowly taking over Haworth Park.  "If the water does get back into the park, hopefully everything that we've rebuilt doesn't get damaged by the flood," says Mike Francis.  He is the Bellevue parks superintendent and he says this weather is frustrating.  Haworth Park's boat ramp just reopened May 24, it was closed for two years after the 2011 floods.  After one weekend, the boat ramps are closed again and if it continues to rain, Haworth may stay closed even longer.  
South of Bellevue, the Papio NRD has closed two flood gates to the Missouri river.  The NRD says with saturated conditions, two to four more inches of rain could cause flooding for Cole creek and the Papio.