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Scrub Caps Being Used To Comfort Pediatric Transplant Patients

Scrub Caps Being Used To Comfort Pediatric Transplant Patients

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED May 28, 2013

Omaha, NE-- Nurses at Nebraska Medical Center are sewing together a new project. 

They're using their old scrub caps to bring joy to some of their smallest patients. 
"Because it comes from my heart," said Linda Marcum, a nurse at NMC, when asked why she is participating in the project.
As a nurse, Marcum's scrub cap was what separated her from everyone else.
"I had one for every season," she said. "It was like a defining persona of who you are."
In February, there was a change in protocol. The hospital switched their surgical team to disposable caps in an effort to keep the operating rooms as sanitary as possible.
"I brought all mine home," said Marcum. "I had over 20. I thought, 'OK. I can toss them in the trash.' Then I thought, 'They would make an awesome quilt.'"
That is how From Caps to Quilts was born.
At the next staff meeting, Marcum pitched the idea. Before the group knew it, it had collected more than 200 scrub caps.
"It was really great," said Kathy Donovan, a nurse at NMC. "Linda tore them apart. I put them in bags of different colors, and then we started putting them together."
Two dozen quilts were made from scrub caps. The majority have already been given to pediatric transplant patients.
"It's awesome to be able to give something to them that makes them feel special," said Layne Lightfoot, a NMC nurse. "(It) lets them know they're going through a difficult time, and we know that. We are here to help them."
It's a gift only these nurses can give.
"As nurses, we give," said Marcum. "That's what makes it so special."
There are only a few left of the 24 to be handed out to patients.
Nurses said they just got another donation of caps on Tuesday, and they plan to make more quilts to hand out.