The Drought Is Easing But Farmers Still Suffer

Rebekah Rae

The Drought Is Easing But Farmers Still Suffer

CREATED May. 28, 2013

Valley, NE - With the recent rain and snow earlier this month, it's hard to believe the Midwest is still in a drought.  But is all this moisture good for farmers as they plant for the season?  The answer is more complicated than a yes or no.  Farmers say the rain is helping their crops but too much rain can slow planting.  

According to the National Weather Service, much of eastern Nebraska is still under a drought.  It varies from severe to abnormally dry conditions.  
Farmers say all the recent rain is helping their crops.  A lot of the water has soaked into the ground and watered their seeds.  If it continues to downpour, the rain can wash out crops and postpone planting.
"About half of our plants are in the ground," says owner of A&T farms Tyler Nelson, "the other half we must wait until it's completely dry enough to turn the soil over."  The thunder storms have made the soil so moist, farmers cannot finish planting. 
It's still too early to tell how the rain will effect crops long term.  Nelson says even though not all of his plants are in the ground, the rain has been great for corn crops.
On Thursday, the National Weather Service will update the drought monitor.  It's expected to take Douglas County out of a drought.