100 Mile March for Wounded Warriors

Meghan Matthews

100 Mile March for Wounded Warriors

CREATED May. 27, 2013

Fremont, NE - These men and women are walking the road less traveled. In combat boots and carrying the American flag, they're pushing themselves through a one hundred mile trek to recognize our country's heroes.

Veteran Josh Marreel says this is something close to his heart.

"I've always wanted to do something like this. I lost a good buddy last May, a good friend of mine in boot camp lost both of his legs, so, when we were in Afghanistan in 2010."

A small group of eleven left York, NE on Saturday to walk for wounded warriors. While pounding the pavement through each town they pass, their group gets bigger.

"The reception from the communities that we've been in has just been amazing, and the stories."
Paula Thomas's son is carrying the flag at the front of the line. She follows him in a truck for support.
"They've had blood coming out of their boots and yesterday I said let me take over for some of you, let me walk. They're like, nope just tape us up we're going."
From York to Hooper, these guys and girls are walking every step of their 100 mile journey, injured or not.
"It's been working us, I know we've been feeling it", adds Marreel.
Marreel says their message is simple this Memorial Day.
"Just to show that you know we still care. We're constantly getting honks, waves, people donating money as we're going. That's the biggest thing; we still want to show that America is still what it is."
To thanks those who've given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.