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The City of La Vista Is Paying Close Attention To Carnival Ride Inspections

The City of La Vista Is Paying Close Attention To Carnival Ride Inspections

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED May 23, 2013

La Vista, NE – A big celebration is going on this weekend. It comes a week after a little boy in Council Bluffs, Iowa, was nearly scalped on a carnival ride.

A carnival is set up in Central Park for the La Vista Daze.  On Thursday, a state inspector closely looked at every ride.  On his list are things like the nearest hospital, an emergency plan, and a check list of about 30 things rides must have to be operated.
Gerald Brown is the State Amusement Ride Program Manager. “We make sure they’re safe, well-grounded,” he said. “So there’s no chance of getting electrocuted. We put them through their paces. And if everything passes, then they get a permit.”
Brown checked electrical currents, emergency stop procedures, and he questioned all ride operators.  Everything was double and triple checked.  In the end, he only found some cosmetic issues, nothing serious.
On May 17, 5-year-old Trace Harman was severely injured while riding the Monster Truck ride at Bayliss Park in Council Bluffs.  His grandmother told KMTV he needed 16 staples in his head.  In light of that accident, the city of La Vista enlisted Brown, just to be on the safe side.
“When you’re putting kids on these rides, we have to be sure,” said La Vista Spokesman Mitch Beaumont.  “For us, this is our community festival. This is the time that La Vistans come together and celebrate the fact that we live here.”