Local Storm Chasers In Awe Of Damage In Moore, Okla.

Kimberly Foley

Local Storm Chasers In Awe Of Damage In Moore, Okla.

CREATED May. 21, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Local storm chasers can't believe the damage in Moore, Okla., after a massive tornado rolled through on Monday.

Don Bonfiglio and his storm chasing partner, Jason McKittrick, spent Sunday and Monday storm chasing in Kansas and Oklahoma. 
"The video that I got doesn't do it justice, as far as how bad the damage was," said Bonfiglio.
The two saw a tornado touch down, a massive lightning storm in Kansas and the damage in Shawnee, Okla.
"There were a lot of trees down," said Bonfiglio. "There was a trampoline in a tree that I got video of. There was just debris everywhere."
Bonfiglio said on Monday they started chasing the storm that eventually hit Moore, but backed off as it approached city limits.
He and his partner don't go after tornados in the city because it is more difficult to chase.
"It's amazing the force of some of this stuff," said Bonfiglio. "It really is amazing. I think everybody can see from the video down there in Moore what these things can do."
Bonfiglio said in his 13 years of storm chasing, he has never seen an EF 5.