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Neighbors Near Brumback Home Wait for Answers

Lindsey Theis

Neighbors Near Brumback Home Wait for Answers

CREATED May. 20, 2013

Omaha, NE- A small memorial, a white wooden cross, stands in honor of Roger and Mary Brumback. Neighbors hope for answers soon nearly a week after the double murder of the West Omaha couple.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer announced Monday a task force had been formed to investigate the murders of Dr. Brumback and his wife and a possible link to the 2008 murders of Thomas Hunter and Shirlee Sherman.

"Hearing the fact that it might be related to another murder maybe makes it a pre-meditated murder, and it's maybe a little bit comforting to know that it wasn't a random occurrence in the neighborhood," Jacob Zach, who lives in the neighborhood, said.

Someone killed the Brumbacks in their home near 114th & Shirley last week. Dr. Brumback was a professor of pathology at Creighton University. He planned to retire next month and move to the east coast. Thomas Hunter's father, Dr. William Hunter is also a professor of pathology at Creighton. Sherman was the Hunter's housekeeper. She and Thomas were murdered in the Hunter's Dundee home in March 2008. Thomas was a student at King Science Center.

Chief Schmaderer made his first public comments about the investigation Monday, saying he understands the community's fear and uneasiness. He says detectives are studying the connection between Drs. Brumback and Hunter but says it's too early to say if doctors are being targeted.

"People are very aware and they are very curious, they are asking a lot of questions and of course right now we're not getting a lot of answers," David Rice, another neighbor said.

The task force will work seven days a week on the investigation; it includes the Omaha FBI office. Some members of the task force have worked on the Hunter/Sherman case for years. "I would not want this task force to come after me, if I was the killer," said Schmaderer.

The chief refused to answer specific questions about the Brumback investigation, including how the couple died.

Police discovered their bodies Tuesday morning after a deliveryman found the front door open and saw a gun clip on the floor.

Chief Schmaderer said police have talked to Dr. Hunter; he would not discuss conversations he has had with the Brumback family.

The chief asked anyone with information on these cases to call the Omaha Police homicide unit at 402-444-5656 or Omaha Crime Stoppers 402-444-6867.