Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant No Closer to Restart

Meghan Matthews

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant No Closer to Restart

CREATED May. 17, 2013

Omaha, NE - The first words from an NRC spokesman: Fort Calhoun could have been more prepared.

"We have no time table for restart, we are first and foremost concerned with protecting public safety", says NRC Spokesman Victor Dricks. 

After a three month long inspection, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission found little progress at Fort Calhoun.

"Although it's hard to understand some of the language, it's pretty clear to me that they have a long way to go yet", says John Pollack of Omaha.

A 15 person team toured the plant from January to March. Through a very thorough checklist, the team reviewed 25 areas at the plant. Only eight checked out.

"Basically it's a mixed report card. Some of the areas that they told they were ready for inspections on, in fact, they weren't ready for inspections when we came out and looked, and so there's still quite a bit of work that needs to be done."
50 performance deficiencies. The plant is still dealing with technical issues from the 2011 flood that forced it to shut down.
The NRC also found multiple failures and inadequate performances. Brian Kean of Missouri Valley, IA isn't surprised.
"I think it's been an issue for 20 years. Knowing some of the people that live in MV that worked at the plant, this is more of the same unfortunately."
While some aren't surprised by the laundry list of problems, others in the crowd spoke up.
"They're giving them some credit for trying and putting some of their affairs in order but saying that they haven't really gotten to all the root causes yet which troubles me."