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Suspect Shoots Dog During Home Invasion

Jake Wasikowski

Suspect Shoots Dog During Home Invasion

CREATED May. 17, 2013

A violent home invasion leaves a dog shot and a woman assaulted.  It happened at around 10:45pm Thursday near 31st and King St.  Steve Erlewine was watching television at his home when he heard a large boom.  It was his back door being kicked in by two men.  Police say one suspect shot Steve's 9-month-old dog, Rex, the other grabbed his wife by the throat and put her to the ground.  The suspects then rummaged through the house, but left with nothing.

"They really put a scare into me there,” Erlewine described.  "He wasn't going to beat up me and my wife together but nobody's a match for that gun."

Erlewine's wife wasn't seriously hurt but his dog, Rex, had to be treated by a vet.  The bullet went through Rex's left shoulder and came out the right foot.  He's going to live, but needs surgery for a compound fracture and broken foot.  The $6,000 vet bill is being covered by Hearts United for Animals.  Rex will hopefully have surgery on Tuesday and then go home after that.

"Of course hearing that Rex was a hero and that he stepped up and attacked the intruders to try to save his family we just had to help Rex," said Lori Hook with the Board of Directors for Hearts United for Animals.

"I'm very thankful because I'm very fond of Rex, he's my fuzz ball," Erlewine explained.

His wife found what's believed to be the bullet that injured Rex.  They'll turn it over to police in hopes that it can lead them to the suspects.

"I hope they get caught, I hope nobody gets hurt, I hope they don't go shoot anybody else's dog," Erlewine concluded.

The suspect’s description is vague; two men with dark clothes and bandanas over their faces.  Call OPD Crime Stoppers at 402-444-7867 with any information.  United Hearts for Animals says they're offering a $5,000 reward for info leading the arrest and conviction of these suspects.

Rex’s vet bills are paid for through the Emergency Medical Funding Program through Hearts United for Animals.  For more information go to