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Police Releasing Few Details in Brumback Murders

Police Releasing Few Details in Brumback Murders

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED May 15, 2013

Omaha, NE- Police aren't saying much about a double homicide of a Creighton University professor and his wife at their home in west-central Omaha.

The bodies of 65-year-old Roger Brumback and 65-year-old Mary Brumback were found just before 10 a.m. Tuesday inside the home. Officers were sent to the home after a man who planned to move a piano from the couple saw Roger Brumback's body.

Jason Peterson told KMTV he saw the double front doors cracked through the storm dorms in the home and thought Brumback might be expecting him.

"I had a weird vibe looking at the house," he said.

Peterson said he knocked and rang the doorbell several times. He then went to the back of the home, and still got no answer. He says he went back to the front and peaked through the cracked door and saw a gun clip.

"I didn't have the Brumback's number, so I called the person that was going to buy the piano," Peterson said. "He {the buyer} told me, don't call 911, I'll try them {Brumback} first. He said 'a lot of people were coming and going because they were selling a lot of furniture.' "

Peterson says the buyer couldn't get a hold of Brumback, so he called 911. Peterson says when an officer arrived, they opened the door and he saw a man lying face down.

Brumback was planning on retiring. Poonam Sharma, the Interim Director of Pathology at Creighton says he had told her his last day would be June 30th. He planned to retire and move to West Virginia, she said.

"There's is no reason for the department to believe that he would've upset somebody through his clinical work," Sharma said Tuesday.

Police still haven't released a cause of death for the couple. KMTV has learned authorities have contacted Dr. William Hunter about this case.

In 2008, Hunter was a Creighton pathology professor when his 11-year-old son, Thomas and their housekeeper Shirlee Sherman were stabbed to death in their Dundee home.

Hunter and Brumback had worked together for a long time, and their colleagues are stunned, Sharma said.

No arrests have been reported. Police have not said how the Brumbacks were killed.

Roger Brumback was a physician and researcher and had been chairman of the Pathology Department at Creighton University from 2001 to 2010. Mary Brumback wrote a book about fiber and weight control with her husband in 2006.

Douglas County records say they bought their home in 2001.

The AP contributed to this report.