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Mayor Elect Jean Stothert is Ready to Make a Change

Meghan Matthews

Mayor Elect Jean Stothert is Ready to Make a Change

CREATED May. 15, 2013

Omaha, NE - Jean Stothert has less than four weeks until she's sworn in as Omaha's first female mayor. It's a change in leadership that will change the way Omaha works.

"I'm gonna be considering a lot of people that will help me with my transition, including my current team and you know that's what we're really gonna be working on in the next four weeks."

We asked her about one potential change that would affect everyone in the city.  

"I opposed the restaurant tax."
Stothert said even though the restaurant tax brings in the big bucks, she'll consider repealing it.
"I believe we can do it. It's not gonna happen over night, it's not gonna happen in a week but it is my goal, my intention to do that."
Her intention as mayor is to bring in new businesses and more jobs.
"I get really tired of hearing about developers saying that they are done doing business in Omaha."
Only before that can happen, Stothert will have to look through all eleven city departments.  
"We really want to make sure that our departments are running efficiently and to do that we need the right leadership in every department and planning is one we really have our radar on."
She wants to put the right people in place, so her goals can become a reality for Omaha. Even if that means getting a little advice.
"I would like to get the group of the four mayors together, the two republicans the two democrats the former mayors I know they have a lot of information to share and I'm gonna be listening and learning too."