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Jean Stothert's Push to Election Day

Jean Stothert's Push to Election Day

By Justin Pazera. CREATED May 11, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Ever since primary night, it's been nonstop for Jean Stothert. Her team has called thousands of voters. She says she's personally knocked on ten thousand doors. Stothert also had to endure the hard knocks, jabs from her opponent's campaign.

"Unfortunately the mudslinging is coming from Jim Suttle supporters, primarily the fire and police union," said Stothert. "His campaign has been very negative. He has television up that's attacking me. He has his fire and police union that's attacking me. It's very - very clear the fire and police union do not want me to be mayor and they don't want me to be mayor because I will be a very tough negotiator and I care about the citizens and the businesses."

One of the first things Stothert says she'll change in office, spending. "I care a lot more about the financial health of the citizens and the business that I do about special interests," said Stothert.

A self proclaimed fiscal conservative, Stothert says if elected, she wants to take a hard look at the restaurant tax along with other taxes and fees she says make it difficult to live in Omaha. "I feel like the majority of the financial challenges that we have had to deal with over the last four years have been met with a new tax, a new fee or a new regulation and yet very little attempt has been made to control spending."

Jean Stothert's Push to Election Day

When it comes to spending campaign funds, she's got a hefty bank account by out raising Suttle since mid-March by about three hundred thousand dollars. Now, she hopes the momentum will carry over in the voting booth on Election Day.