Volunteers Cleanup North Omaha Neighborhoods

Kimberly Foley

Volunteers Cleanup North Omaha Neighborhoods

CREATED May. 11, 2013

Omaha, NE-- On Saturday, over 250 volunteers hit the streets of north Omaha hoping to make a difference in a neighborhood that is struggling to repair its image.

Those involved said the cleanup is just one part of transforming the area.
"It's this idea that we are all better together," said volunteer CJ Vavak.
Various community organizations and churches got together to clean up 11 north Omaha neighborhoods.
"A lot of times what you see is how you feel," said Josh Dotzler of the Abide Network. "When you go into a neighborhood that is dirty, has grass overgrown and abandoned homes, you just don't feel good. There's not a lot of health there."
The mowing, weeding and painting is the beginning of change, but it's also part of the bigger picture.
"The reality is there has been some disparity," said Dotzler. "There's poverty. There has been crime and violence, but there are a lot of great things happening. Today is an example of a lot of great people being a part of this process to build the community."
Organizers said they plan to do cleanups and activities until they see positive change in their community.