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Live Racing Returns To Horsemen's Park

Kimberly Foley

Live Racing Returns To Horsemen's Park

CREATED May. 10, 2013

Omaha, NE -- This is the weekend many horse racing fans wait for, but this year, it has come a bit early.

Horsemen's Park opened Friday night for the only live racing event of the year.
It's one of only three live racing tracks left in Nebraska.
For the first time ever, the event is being held in May instead of the normal mid-to-late summer. It's a welcomed change for many.
"It used to be brutally hot in July," said spectator Brett Neilsen. "But this is much nicer."
Horsemen's Park has been running live races since 1998, which was two years after the Ak-Sar-Ben track closed.  
The 3,000 seats and 700 televisions are open to the public all year. Live events are held once a year to meet state gambling regulations.
"The weather is finally nice, which is always good," said spectator Patrick Morey. "The atmosphere is great, and it's a good time."
Last year, the park tried a two weekend event.
This year the park scaled it back to just one weekend. It's something many fans were disappointed about.
"I wish they would have more weekends like this," said Neilsen. "(Either) across the state or just in Omaha because I think it would do really well."
Despite the cut back in the number of days, fans said they plan to make the most out of this weekend.
"(It's) tradition, old times and bringing back the memories," said spectator Joice Hilding. "There's not enough now that Lincoln is closed."
The races continue Saturday and Sunday.
Z-92's Todd-N- Tyler 20th Anniversary "Day at the Races" is also part of Saturday's festivities.