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Six Year Old Accuses 12 Year Old Boy of Sexual Assault

Lindsey Theis

Six Year Old Accuses 12 Year Old Boy of Sexual Assault

CREATED May. 9, 2013

Omaha, NE-Police arrested Yolanda Rodgers on Wednesday for felony child abuse/neglect. They say she was a respite caregiver in the foster care system. Children would come to her north Omaha home for the day, sometimes overnight.

According to a police report, a six-year-old girl who came for respite said a boy in Rodger's home sexually abused her.

The girl was questioned by specialists at Project Harmony, and police monitored the interview.

She told the questioner she was abused "a lot of times" in the home, between August 2012 and last month.

The police report states the boy was already in the youth detention center when the girl was questioned. He now faces charges of first degree sexual assault. Police say Rodgers was in a position of authority and failed to report the alleged assaults when they happened.

Rodgers will appear in court Friday afternoon.