Parents of Missing Son say Cleveland Rescues Give Them Hope

Meghan Matthews

Parents of Missing Son say Cleveland Rescues Give Them Hope

CREATED May. 7, 2013

 Jim and Kelly still don't know what happened to their son Jason Jolkowski. He was supposed to walk to Benson High School from his home, to meet a ride for work when he went missing in 2001.

His parents tell me the miracle in Cleveland gives them new hope.

"We always tell the families that we work with that there is hope no matter what. In this case that hope panned out in a very wonderful way."

Kelly Murphy knows how it feels when a child goes missing. She's still searching for her own son.

"12 years later, we're still at square one. It's as if it was that day since we don't know anything more today, than we did that day."
"He started walking and that's the last anyone saw of him."
In June of 2001, 19 year old Jason Jolkowski did his chores as usual. He planned to catch a ride for work but never made it. 
"After that, no one saw him. So somewhere between our driveway and Benson High School something happened. We just don't know what happened."
Kelly now lives in Washington State. Through Skype, she told me the feeling of the unknown is still a nightmare. 
That's why she started Project Jason, to help families like hers. She reached out to the families in Cleveland.
Jim Jolkowski calls it a miracle.
"Project Jason and my wife Kelly has worked closely with the families and so for them to actually be found was renewed joy for everyone in the missing family community."
Jim still lives in Omaha. He calls the Cleveland rescues a miracle. It gives his family a new light, in a tunnel of darkness.
"It never gets any easier, we just ask for the public's help. Somebody knows something."   
"It definitely gives one hope. Hope for a good answer. That's what we all want, and that's what our family would certainly like to see as well."