Psychic Mediums. Believe it, or Not?

Meghan Matthews

Psychic Mediums. Believe it, or Not?

CREATED May. 7, 2013

Omaha, NE- Fortune tellers and crystal balls are out, but many people do look to horoscopes even psychic medium for direction and advice.

You might think it's a ruse or a bit of a scam but as KMTV Action 3 News reporter Meghan Matthews learned, believers think speaking with spirits is very real.

Connecting with the spirit world. Communicating with the dead. Looking into the future. Creepy voodoo magic? Or psychic phenomenon? 

These women have come to a psychic party to find the answers about their past, present and future.

"I was really nervous, I really, I mean I was kinda hesitant, against it whether I wanted to fully do it or not."

"I just believe that people that have passed on love you. There's ways that they can contact you and you've gotta just go with it."

Believers and skeptics of the supernatural are getting a glimpse at a world we can't see, through abilities only few possess.

Kelli Miller is a psychic medium.

"I didn't know so much that I was so different than everybody else until about a year, year and a half ago. I thought everybody could do this."

She's spiritually in tune, with the other side.

"I could see their dad coming into play, I could see their family members coming into play I could see them being surrounded by love, by the angelic realm. I could see that."

"She said that my dad was right there."

"It confused me but it was real. It was dead on, everything she said, everything."

With a handshake and tarot card shuffle, Kelli talks to these women about their everyday lives. Worries, fears and future. She connects with souls that have passed. 

Kelli has never met these women before.

"One of my friends who passed away a while ago, she brought up her. It was really weird, it was weird that she knew her."

"The stuff she said was really crazy, that she knew the stuff she knew."

Kelli has had her abilities for years but she never talked about it, until now.

"I'd have to credit TV for a lot of it..."

"I'm Theresa Caputo, I like to think of myself as a typical Long Island mom. But I have a very special gift. I talk to the dead. Did she pass from the chest? Oh my God. He actually leaned over and kissed you and said I'm sorry for leaving you."

"It's becoming a little bit more acceptable and they're beginning to see things like Long Island Medium, she's really paving the way for people like me", adds Miller.

Kelli believes shows, like the hit reality, Long Island Medium, make the job of psychic and medium more socially acceptable. She says its given people a spiritual awakening.

"I started out doing this as a joke. But now it's becoming a full blown business I'm doing this full time every single day."

A bit of a skeptic myself; I sat down for a reading with Kelli.

"Did you recently get an opportunity presented to you? Yes. Ok well here's the deal..."oh my God, wow." You know what you want it's out there, the door got swung open and now it's just like, walk through honey you're like, eeeehh!"

It left me speechless.

"Holy crap..."

After a reading with Kelli, even the skeptics can be convinced. 

"I never really believed it honestly, until today."

Because when spirits speak, Kelli hears their message. It's up to you to believe it or not.