Warren Buffett Turns Salesman at Borsheims

Justin Pazera

Warren Buffett Turns Salesman at Borsheims

CREATED May. 5, 2013

It looked like Black Friday, share holders ogling over white diamonds, strands of rare pearls, necklaces loaded with stones. This is a jewelry lovers fantasy where the price rings could by you a nice home, a watch could get you a luxury car. "Oh my gosh, I've found so many good things, said Susan Walker of Kansas City. "Everything is good."

Every staff member worked Sunday. Even Warren Buffett got behind the counter playing salesman, selling how much better life could be with a little sparkle. But, big dreams come with big price tags. Diamond rings can cost you half a million dollars or more.

Then there's a pink diamond bracelet that would make any woman weak in the knees. It can be yours for eight-million dollars. Walker loves the bracelet. "You can have the worst day on earth and if you've got something kind of sparkly on your wrist or on your finger... it makes your day brighter, it's the perfect pick me up." 

It was elbow to elbow at jewelry cases as people from all walks of life, from all around the world laugh and live it up. Paul Walton came to Omaha from San Diego. "You know it's not bad being around people who can afford an eight million dollar bracelet and it's also nice to be around people who can only afford an eight cent bracelet. I enjoy people from all walks of life."