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Omaha Folks Getting Tired of Mother Nature

Omaha Folks Getting Tired of Mother Nature

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED May 1, 2013

Omaha, NE - "What do you want to say to mother nature? Ain't got no comment on that."

April showers are supposed to bring May flowers. Not this stuff.

"My feet are very wet and it should not be sleeting in May."
It's been coming down all night across the metro. Earlier snow fell in Scribner, in Dodge County.
This nasty weather that just won't go away is starting to cause trouble for drivers. Bad weather caused this major wreck on Highway 275 overpass near Maple. Police say two cars crashed on slick streets sending four people to the hospital.
An infant in the car was in the safety seat and uninjured. Slick and icy hands at ten and two for drivers.
"And check this out, I can actually grab sleet, oh that's of a hood of a car."
"Simply ridiculous for May."
Several Omaha Public Works salt trucks hit the roads too, laying down the salt wherever they go.
The fellas at Nebraska Department of roads say they've been plowing slush all day. They plan to call in backup around midnight. 
Until then, they'll wait for the snow to fall.