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The Weather Forecast Is Snow Joke

The Weather Forecast Is Snow Joke

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED Apr 30, 2013

Omaha, NE-- Mother Nature is at it again. Winter is making a comeback in the form of ice and snow.

All spring it has felt like winter, and people are fed up.
"We have had three weekends of snow and ice," said Pat Vonminden, who is from Martinsburg, NE. 
Martinsburg is a small town about two hours northwest of Omaha.
"I'm ready for spring," said Vonminden. "I have the flower beds cleaned off. I'm ready. That's why I'm here."
Vonminden was one of the many shoppers who stocked up on plants and flowers at Mulhall's on Tuesday.
She said she had to move quickly and get her flowers in the ground before another spring surprise.
"This afternoon when I get home," she said when asked about planting them. "We are supposed to have snow and rain again tomorrow."
Scott Evans, the Garden Shop Manager at Mulhall's, said the ups and downs have slowed down the growing season, but have not stopped it
"It just means things are running a little bit behind," said Evans. "As soon as the weather levels out, everything should catch up to speed. I mean there is nothing really to be worried about on the homeowner side."
On the business side, Evans said the weather has slowed business down.
"It's definitely picking up, but it's been a slow spring for us," said Evans. "Hopefully after this weekend, things will really start picking up."
While Vonminden is ready for spring, she said she finds the weather matters less in retirement.
"I don't have to go to work so it doesn't bother me anymore," she said laughing.
Late Tuesday afternoon, the clouds rolled in, the wind picked up, and temperatures dropped.