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Officer of the Year Passionate About Protecting Children

Carrie Murphy

Officer of the Year Passionate About Protecting Children

CREATED Apr. 23, 2013

Omaha, NE - Omaha Police Detective Amber Schlote helped put away a dangerous sexual predator this year.  It's the kind of case that makes her proud to be a police officer.  

"I have a passion for that and I truly believe in the work that we do in order to save and protect these kids," said Schlote.

Schlote accepted Crime Stoppers Officer of the Year award Tuesday, for her work on an investigation that lasted three years.


In January, a judge sent Daniel Mangiamelli to prison for 195 to 310 years; a life sentence.

Mangiamelli used his lawn care business to lure young boys for sex.  He pleaded no contest.

"When the judge handed down that sentence to 195 to 310 years, it was like a huge weight. It felt good to know he will never get out," said Scholte.

Crime Stoppers recognized 20 Omaha police officers Tuesday for extraordinary service.