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Burglary Victim Shocked Thief is Accused of Rapes

Justin Pazera

Burglary Victim Shocked Thief is Accused of Rapes

CREATED Apr. 22, 2013

Julie Arant's day started just like any other on March 8th, 2011. She read her Bible and brief devotional. That day it was about protection."I remember sitting back on my bed and raising my hand to heaven and saying, 'God, thank you for your angels,'" said Arant. "I thought, I wonder if you're going to protect me today."

Arant says while waiting for her brother, she unlocked her front door and hopped in the shower. Little did she know, at the same time, a woman sitting in her car across the street watched Anthony Vaughn get off a city bus near 90th and Western. Vaughn cased Arant's house, finally getting it in. Before police could arrive, Vaughn left. The woman in the car followed him until police caught up and arrested him.

"She could have just have just left but she stayed, called the police and waited for the resolution," said Arant. Vaughn made it all the way into the house where Arant was showering, stealing a jar of coins. She never knew he was so close.

Arant doesn't know exactly what spooked Vaughn or why he abruptly lefty her home but she says on that day, everything happened for a reason. "In my mind, it really isn't about locked doors or unlocked doors," said Arant. "Our lives are so fragile that we really need God's help and his protection on a daily basis."

Vaughn is being held without bond and police are taking a new look at other crimes to see if Vaughn could be involved.