Reward Offered to Help Catch Dog Killer

Meghan Matthews

Reward Offered to Help Catch Dog Killer

CREATED Apr. 22, 2013

Omaha, NE - "Either somebody doesn't like little dogs, or they don't like us."

Vicki Wagner can't believe it's happened again.

"It was severely convulsing inside the house. They rushed it to a vet clinic that did a great job saving the dog. We tested the dog for possible poisoning it came back positive that the dog had ingested strychnine, just like the other dogs."
Twice in the last 5 months, dogs running loose around the Wagner's backyard near 64th and Ellison have been poisoned.
Their pet Chihuahua and pug/beagle mix died in November from ingesting the toxic poison Strychnine.
"We're upset about losing our dogs and the fact that somebody's done this again you know is bad. I mean strychnine's bad stuff", adds Wagner.
The Nebraska Humane Society believes the same person who killed the dogs 5 months ago poisoned Murphy, the three year old Papillion pup a few weeks ago.
They just can't pin-point who.
"Who ever is doing this is throwing tainted meat some kind of tainted food in the backyard that's containing strychnine. There's not a dog in the world that you can train not to eat a piece of meat if somebody throws it in the backyard."
"So, I'm not sure why somebody is targeting us."
NHS says the situation is serious.  They're now offering a $2,500 reward for any tips leading to the arrest of the dog killer.