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The Future Of Bellevue Pools Is Up In The Air

The Future Of Bellevue Pools Is Up In The Air

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED Apr 17, 2013

Bellevue, NE-- It's hard to think about swimming on a rainy day like Wednesday, but the future of summer swim season is up in the air in Bellevue.

In a little more than a month, the pools will be full.

"Our pools are active from when we open them at the end of May until the middle of August when we close them down," said Mike Francis, Bellevue's Park Director.

The city has five public pools. The newest pool was built in 1980.

The city has spent more than $26,000 to hire an out-of-state company to determine the future of the aquatic program.


"Our pools are reaching the tail end of a lifespan," said Francis. "We just want to have a document that can show us what would be the best way to move forward."

The first step of that process begins with residents like Marcus Howard, who uses the Aspen Park pool.


"They're actually really clean, nice and well-kept," said Howard. "Plus, it's just right across the street so there are a lot of kids that love to go to it. Since there is a park right across the way, you can either go to the pool or the park."

The city's website has a survey up asking people a variety of questions about the pools.

Francis said the questions are a necessary part of formulating the future.

"Whether it is redoing the five current pools we have or looking at an aquatic center and finding other uses for the pools," said Francis when asked about possible recommendations from the study.

The city doesn't know how much any of this would cost because it will be determined in the study.

Residents like Howard said the pools need to be updated, but they also need to stay open.

"During the summer, that's what (the kids) always look forward to," he said. 

When asked if it's possible the community will have no pools, Francis said it's too soon to tell.

None of the pools will be affected this summer. The study won't be wrapped up until the end of swim season.