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Road Construction Workers Deal with Dangerous Elements

Road Construction Workers Deal with Dangerous Elements

CREATED Apr. 16, 2013

Omaha, NE- We already knew it was a dangerous job, but a new national survey indicated just how dangerous working in a construction zone can be. 

Nationally, 38% of highway contractors say they've had a driver crash into their work zone in the past year. The latest numbers from the Nebraska Department of Roads show there were nearly 400 crashes in 2010. 
The highway patrol says it's similar to getting shot at. "When you're driving a vehicle, you're driving a thousand pound projectile. A lot of people ask me if I'm afraid of being shot on this job, I mean that's a hazard but I encounter cars every single day," says Trooper Keith Bell of the Nebraska Highway Patrol. 
The Department of Roads say work zone crashes have actually decreased in Nebraska since 2001. That's partly because of better signs and lighting in construction areas.