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Omaha Woman Runs Boston, Misses Explosions

Justin Pazera

Omaha Woman Runs Boston, Misses Explosions

CREATED Apr. 15, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Tonya Huseman took a photo at the finish line just 30-minutes before Monday's deadly explosion. Huseman was running the marathon when four miles from the end, she tripped, sending her to the medical tent.

"After I heard what happened, I was like I was so glad that I was able to leave the medical tent within a few minutes," said Huseman. "If I would have been in there any longer, I may have been there," said Huseman.   

Huseman knows the finish line well. She says hundreds of spectators line the streets, even bands play, encouraging runners to keep going. She says Monday was just like the other times she ran Boston. Security was tight, it was business as usual. "The last five miles there were cops, there were cops like every few feet," said Huseman. "They were just all around, everywhere."

Huseman finished the race in just over three hours. It's a time she would have bragged about, Now, it's not about those who finished but those who were lost and survived the attack. "I was just excited that I got such a good time," said Huseman. "Then after hearing about everybody else, I was like, that's nothing."