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Roofers Busy Covering Holes Caused by Hail Damage

Meghan Matthews

Roofers Busy Covering Holes Caused by Hail Damage

CREATED Apr. 10, 2013

Omaha, NE - A busy day might be an understatement for just about every roofing contractor in Omaha. Owner of Kovacs Roofing Bill Kovacs says it's crazy.

"Last 24 hours has been, just total, run run run run run."

Their phones are ringing off the hook with frantic homeowners on the line.

Homeowner Julia Oliver says the hail pounding on her house woke her up.
"It scared me you know I didn't know what it was gonna do, if there was gonna be damage."
Hail, reporter up to tennis ball size, pelted homes across the metro. The storm shattered windows, dented cars and damaged siding and roofs.
"I guess a ball of hail just pounded through and it broke the top layer, the dome part of the sky light."
"The major damage has been the sky lights, roofs, gutters, windows, vinyl siding."
The guys at Husker Roofing go from house to house and lay down blue tarp on roofs and broken sky lights. They've been everywhere.
Co-owner of Husker Roofing Mike Costello says he's seen the damage all over.
"132nd to 168th pretty much from 370 all the way up to Blair High Road."
While Kovacs Roofing checks out homes in West Omaha, they know a busy day like this can turn into a scam for homeowners.  
"You want to make sure they're licensed with the state of NE, they carry insurance", adds Kovacs.
"If two guys pull up in a truck that doesn't have any markings on it, out of state plates, I mean don't believe that don't believe what they're saying", says Costello.