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People with Hail-Damaged Cars Get Repairs

Jennifer Griswold

People with Hail-Damaged Cars Get Repairs

CREATED Apr. 10, 2013

Omaha, NE - Car repair centers are swamped today after hail pounded the area Tuesday night.

Inter-Tech in Elkhorn says they had more than a dozen frustrated customers calling in wanting their cars fixed even before they opened this morning.

Manager Mike Boehmer said, "a lot of times with hail... you don't get like rock chips per se but you get a big round imprint where the hail hit and its circular, looks like a baseball hit it."

He says a lot of people likely got the damage as they were driving last night. Inter-Tech says most repairs have ranged anywhere from $5-8,000. 

There was a lot of damage in car dealership lots as well. 

Mike Mursch is the sales manager at the Mercedez Benz dealership at 144th and Hillsdale. He said, "we had about 125 cars give or take a few get damaged."