Omaha Mayoral Race Heats Up

Kandiss Crone

Omaha Mayoral Race Heats Up

CREATED Apr. 9, 2013

Omaha, NE - Iit's normally a venue for live music and the arts, but tonight politics attracted residents to north Omaha's Love's Jazz and Arts Center.

Mayor Jim Suttle and Councilwoman Jean Stothert told voters how they will work to improve a part of the town plagued by an image of poverty and joblessness if elected.
"We will bring now the job training and orientation to the job creation in the private sector through industry and warehousing. This will restore what was lost so many decades ago when the packing industry left Omaha," Mayor Jim Suttle said.
"The mayor needs to make sure the community and the policies in this community are those that will attract businesses, keep businesses here to provide the employment that citizens all over Omaha, particularly this area, really need," Councilwoman Jean Stothert said.
While both candidates have maintained their same message at every forum, what has changed is the mood of the race. From a new ad with strong words about Mayor Suttle's leadership to an ad that accuses Stothert of "saying one thing and doing another."
"It's definitely predictable there will be more negative advertisements as we get closer to election day," Greg Petrow said.
UNO political science professor Greg Petrow says although the race is likely to heat up from here, voters are less concerned with negative ads and more interested in what each candidate has done and will do.
"I would say 'Omaha is the best city in the country in terms of weathering the recession, I was the mayor at that time, do you really wanna change horses right now?' In terms of Ms. Stothert, I think the way to go is 'Mayor Suttle is probably to the left of most Omaha voters and I would play that up and I'd run against the tax increases," Petrow said.
Tonight's forum was hosted by 100 Black Men of Omaha and also included candidates from district two city council and OPS sub-districts one and two.