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North Bend Storm Gives Residents a Scare

Meghan Matthews

North Bend Storm Gives Residents a Scare

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Apr 9, 2013

North Bend, NE -  "Coulda been worse, coulda been the house."

Judy Ray looks at her childhood home in disbelief, she sees what the North Bend storm did to the garage.

"Cause by the look of that wind, I mean what if it woulda blown something through the house." Judy ray 
60 to 70 MPH straight line winds rattled homes and tore through the town. The debris left behind is scattered all over.
"I thought for sure everything was gonna go, I didn't think we were gonna make it in the basement."
Huge trees snapped like twigs, uprooted and toppled onto homes. A storm many here thought was the first twister of the season.
"I've never heard the wind like that, I've never been that scared before." 
"When it comes up on ya, it puts a little fright in ya." 
West of town the damage is much worse. Trailer homes flattened. Metal twisted and mangled. The strength of the storm even derailed a train.
"All of the sudden, just a snap of your finger the whole thing was up and gone."
Part of Jim Melichar's trailer home floats in the water. The other half came down on top of him.
"It's hard to believe that we walked out of it." 
Jim was trapped underneath it. Somehow he wiggled free. Luckily his wife and dog also escaped.
The wicked storm shook the town of North Bend for a few hours. The cleanup will take much longer. People here will continue to pick up the pieces, knowing this is just the beginning of severe weather season.