Two Mayoral Candidates You May Not Know

Justin Pazera

Two Mayoral Candidates You May Not Know

CREATED Mar. 31, 2013

Omaha, NE - They are the names we constantly hear in the race for Omaha mayor, Jim Suttle, Jean Stothert, Brad Ashford, Dave Nabity and Dan Welch. The five are running expensive campaigns to win.

In the background, there are two other candidates who believe they'd make a good mayor. Maura Deluca and Mort Sullivan hope to get your vote. Today we went out to meet them.

Action 3 News tried several times to reach Sullivan. We even went to his house. He hasn't returned calls but on his website,, Sullivan calls for tax relief and vows to end the restaurant tax. Maura Deluca isn't in town but her campaign aide spoke on her behalf. "None of the major problems facing us is solely an Omaha problem," said Laura Garza, spokesperson for Deluca. "These are problems that come from the crisis of the capitalist system."

Deluca believes the biggest problem facing Omaha is the number of people who are unemployed or under-employed. She believes improving those numbers would reduce crime. She does not support a police auditor.

Her campaign says it's disturbed by recent a YouTube video showing Omaha Police making what some call a rough arrest. "There's plenty of laws in place today," said Garza. "You can take action against the cops who committed these brutal acts and they should be charged to the fullest extent of the law."

Deluca grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and as a factory worker, she supports strong unions. "There's not a solution that's going to be purely an Omaha solution," said Garza. "What we think is, we need a movement of the working class to fight for a different set of priorities."