Good Samaritan Saves Woman From Burning RV

Kandiss Crone

Good Samaritan Saves Woman From Burning RV

CREATED Mar. 29, 2013

Sarpy County, NE - Fire ripped through an RV. It burned so badly, you can see straight through it.

The scariest part about this fire, Theresa Harrzin, who was inside, barely escaped. She got out thanks to a brave good samaritan.
"I saw the flames out of the back of it so I  pulled over on the median and I saw them throw the dog out the window. So I hopped out the car and I ran over there, it was still kind of rolling a little bit and the lady was screaming that her legs were on fire," Tom Akins said.
Tom Akins didn't think twice when he stopped his car near Shadow Lake Town Center after seeing an RV erupt in flames.
Regina White watched from her home as Akins and the victim's boyfriend pulled her to safety. "The guy in the Prius, the good samaritan, he ran to his car he got a hammer and he just started bashing at the windows and everybody said 'get back, get back it's gonna blow up you're gonna get burned' and he just kept going," Regina White said.
"I ran back to my car and I grabbed a hammer and we started beating on the windshield and that blew open and we went on the other side and she fell out the window and then we grabbed her and she was on the ground and we drug her onto the grass. It was pretty crazy," Akins said.
Firefighters say the couple was taking the RV to put in storage, when a gas leak caused the explosion. Medics airlifted the woman to Nebraska Medical Center.
Papillion fire officials say quick thinking by brave passersby likely saved the woman's life. "The one bystander I talked to said she was struck in the window with flames coming out around here before they could get her out so they did a terrific job they put themselves in a lot of danger," Papillion Fire Chief Bill Bowes said.
Harrzin is listed in critical condition at the Nebraska Medical Center.