Mayoral Candidates Talk Neighborhoods

Lindsey Theis

Mayoral Candidates Talk Neighborhoods

CREATED Mar. 28, 2013

Omaha, NE- The clock is ticking for the five mayoral candidates. At one last forum before next Tuesday's primary, they focused on neighborhoods, streets, and growing Omaha.

Instead of starting with his background, mayoral candidate Dan Welch began asking opponent Jean Stothert to take down ads he says implicates him in dirty politics.

"I'm asking you to take those down. It seems like a win at all costs mentality," he said.

Stothert didn't acknowledge the comment.

The candidates then moved on to the topics at hand; neighborhoods and growth,potholes and roads.

Each candidate was asked what they would do to balance growth in west Omaha with development in downtown and midtown.

"We got to aggressively use annexation. On the eastern part of the city I think we need to use commercial incentives for infill projects on both the residential and commercial side," Welch said.

"A bus system on the weekends. Where people could go from benson, to elkhorn, to the old market and not be afraid of getting picked up for a DUI," Ashford said.

"We want to have population growth and we want to be able to attract the youth, we have to put a lot of attention on revitalizing the midtown and downtown areas," Nabity said.

"Land banking. This is one of the best tools that we can use to bring the est O builders back to east, and particularly north and south O to build affordable housing," Suttle said.

"I think Omaha has done very well we continue to annex with our SID's out west. But we still a lot of activity in the midtown downtown area," Stothert said.

The four challengers are essentially vying for one spot. They've said Tuesday's primary is a race for second place Suttle.

Suttle's campaign says it looks like Jean Stothert is the strongest challenger at this point but voters are just now starting to focus on the race. The top two vote getters in the primary April 2nd will go on to the general election.