Property Manager Blames Smoker for 2nd Apartment Fire

Kandiss Crone

Property Manager Blames Smoker for 2nd Apartment Fire

CREATED Mar. 21, 2013

Omaha, NE - Several hours after fire fighters put out a massive fire at the Hillsborough Pointe Apartments, water still drips from the burned out complex. Temperatures so cold, icicles begin to form.

Residents in nearby buildings drive by to get a glimpse of what the fire destroyed. "I know of a friend that had a friend that lived in here. She had a couple cats and I don't think they made it and so that kind of broke my heart to hear that," Eric Johnson said.
Flames were so intense it's hard to believe everyone inside made it out alive. The blaze is the second fire at this complex since December.
Property manager Shawn Knudsen says both fires seem to point to one problem. "The last fire they said the official cause was a cigarette on the patio. This one too at this point is pointing to that as well," Shawn Knudsen said.
Fire investigators have not released the official cause.
Knudsen says the key to keeping all residents safe is to be considerate of your neighbor. "More and more people are moving to the patio to smoke and that's where a lot of these concerns come in if they would just dispose of them properly, get the proper container," Knudsen said.
Johnson lives in a unit right behind the charred apartment building. He hopes residents don't have to witness yet a third fire at the complex. "I hope that whoever caused it or whatever caused it, I hope that people learn from it," Johnson said.
The Red Cross stepped in to help those displaced by the fire. The property manager says they were able to put the residents in new apartments.