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Firefighters Rescued from NW Omaha Apartment Fire

Jackie Mora

Firefighters Rescued from NW Omaha Apartment Fire

CREATED Mar. 21, 2013

Omaha, NE- Firefighters responded massive three alarm fire around 8:45 this morning in northwest Omaha.

Flames swallowed a building at the Hillsborough Pointe Apartments near 144th and Sprague. The structure was so unstable, a third floor ceiling collapsed on two firefighters inside.  A rescue crew was able to get the firefighters out, but they were then trapped when a wall collapsed.  They were able to get themselves out.  None of the emergency personnel was injured.

All 24 units in the building were damaged and 30 residents were displaced.  No residents were injured, but the Red Cross was there to assist.

"It kind of makes you come to terms with how short everything could be," said Jeff Ostwald, a resident of the damaged building. "If we didn't wake up, instead of the firefighters, we could've been trapped in there."

On December 15th, 2012; another building in the complex was destroyed by a fire.  In that incident 30 other residents were displaced.  Contruction workers could be seen fixing the previously damaged building, while Thursday's fire burned.

The State Fire Marshal is investigating a cause.