Bill to Repeal NE's Death Penalty Moves Forward

Jennifer Griswold

Bill to Repeal NE's Death Penalty Moves Forward

CREATED Mar. 19, 2013

Lincoln, NE - Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha has tried time and time again to repeal the death penalty. He introduced the same measure from 1973 to 2008. That's when term limits forced him out of office. Now he's back and so is the bill.

The Legislature's Judiciary Committee voted unanimously Tuesday to advance the bill for full debate. The bill would change the death penalty to life without parole.  Chambers has chosen the measure as his priority bill, which increases the odds it will be debated.

On the Nebraska Department of Correctional Service's web site, there are 11 inmates listed on death row.

The last prisoner executed in Nebraska was Robert E. Williams, who died in the electric chair in 1997 after confessing to three murders. Nebraska has executed three inmates out of 1,600 homicide cases in the last four decades.