Man Admits He Fired Deadly Shots

Justin Pazera

Man Admits He Fired Deadly Shots

CREATED Mar. 16, 2013

Dow City, IA - Investigators combed through a Ford Taurus Saturday afternoon, marking details in a small town murder case that started to unfold hours before a car slammed into a home.

Investigators say it all started early Saturday morning at the Cheers bar where Benton Wingrove, 28, and Adam Lary, 29, engaged in a verbal altercation. They eventually took the argument outside

Witnesses told police they heard gunshots and a car engine rev. Neighbors heard the commotion. Josh Reetz says, "We heard a bunch of gun shots." Then Reetz saw the Ford Taurus. "The car went across the street and struck the house so we called 911," said Reetz.

He wasn't the only one. Police say Wingrove called dispatch himself, admitting he shot at the moving car. Adam Lary was in the driver's seat, shot in the chest. Lary was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Investigators say he was shot once but they found multiple shell casings in the car that matched Wingrove's gun.

The sheriff isn't sure what sparked the argument but does know it caught the small town off guard. Sheriff James Steinkuehler says, 'We don't have something like this going on all the time and of course we've had a couple of murders in the last five years but nothing like - this is just, shocking."

Wingrove is being held the crawford county jail on a first degree murder charge. A judge set his bond at a million dollars.