Drug Trafficking a Growing Problem in Nebraska

Meghan Matthews

Drug Trafficking a Growing Problem in Nebraska

CREATED Mar. 16, 2013

Omaha, NE - It's not just candy. Douglas County Chief Deputy Marty Bilek says pot is looking a lot different these days.

"These appear to be lifesavers, but they're laced with THC which is the active ingredient in marijuana," says Bilek.

In the form of mints, cocoa and brownies, marijuana is moving through Nebraska more than ever before.

Douglas County deputies found the goods Friday after they stopped a suspicious car on I-80 near 72nd street

They arrested two men in the vehicle and learned more. 

"That the vehicle originated in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, traveled to Denver, Colorado where marijuana is legal, loaded up there and then was on its way back to Sheboygan," said Chief Deputy Bilek.
A drug trafficking problem, growing in Omaha. Bilek says it's always been an issue on Interstate 80. Drugs coming from Arizona, Texas and California, only,  "Now, there's gonna be people traveling to Colorado which is a neighboring state crossing our interstate, loading up and returning. So we're probably gonna have more drug trafficking, particularly marijuana trafficking that we've ever saw before", adds Bilek.
Pot is legal in Colorado. It's the increase in its movement across states like Nebraska that worries Omaha officers.
"We'll have to consider putting more units on the interstate," said Bilek.
It will take a few months before law enforcement knows just how much this will impact eastern Nebraska.
For now all they can do is keep a close eye and make as many stops as possible.