Dog Owner Furious Humane Society Plans to Euthanize His Pet

Kandiss Crone

Dog Owner Furious Humane Society Plans to Euthanize His Pet

CREATED Mar. 12, 2013

Omaha, NE - Gustavo Santiago says his dog is not dangerous and that two year-old "Smalls" has never bit anyone or any other pets in the past. Santiago says his son opened the gate to the family's yard to let his mom in. That's when he says Mary Thompson's dog went into his yard.  

Santiago's pit bull bit one of Thompson's dogs; he claims those dogs had attacked "Smalls" in the past. Santiago says he was working to get the pit bull micro-chipped, licensed and neutered but will never get the chance to see his dog again.
"He's gonna die tomorrow cause he was protecting himself over two dogs, not one, two a time and he didn't even bite them. If he was so vicious he would have done more damage than they said he did. The pics will show, even court documents will show he didn't do that much damage," said Santiago.
Humane Society officials say "Smalls" is aggressive and poses a danger to public safety that's why he can't be adopted out. They plan to euthanize him.
The Nebraska Humane Society also indicated that Santiago did not appeal the Potentially Dangerous Dog declaration in November, which he had 10 days to do. 
They also gave him a 60-day extension to get the requirements done.  NHS says he failed to fulfill any of the requirements.  In February, Santiago was declared a Reckless Owner and did not appeal that declaration within the 10 days allowed.  The dog was seized about 3 weeks later.